Business Reply Envelopes

Business reply envelope samples

Business Reply envelopes

Business reply envelopes are envelopes that use a permit number, fim mark and barcode issued by the United States Postal Office.  The purpose of a business reply envelope is to provide the recipient of the mail a convenient prepaid method for replying to a mailing.  By providing a prospective “customer” a prepaid envelope you increase the chances of receiving a response.  Not only is this option convenient for the prospective customer, but for the issuing company as well.  A first class envelope is provided to a prospective customer and the mailer will only be charged for the envelopes that get returned.  In the instance of a large mailing this is a tremendous cost savings.  Common uses for business reply envelopes are:

  • Direct marketing firms seeking to encourage orders
  • Research firms looking for responses to surveys
  • Companies looking to streamline their receivables

At First Impressions we print millions of business reply envelopes each year.  We check each envelope to make sure it meets postal regulations prior to printing.